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What is the use of having the best product without the right logistics?

In addition to the production of our projects, we take great care of the logistics - from the internal delivery of the required components to our customers.

Our automatic small parts warehouse with over 12,000 different components and several shuttle systems ensures safe and standard-compliant storage of all components. Issues such as batch separation, first-in first-out or traceability are an integral part of our internal logistics including temperature monitoring and humidity measurement.

The packaging is another essential element of our logistics concept, as this ultimately determines the quality of delivery to our customers and also makes a substantial contribution to the reduction of packaging materials. This is closely coordinated with our customers as part of the industrialisation process, so that the issue of packaging is optimally solved and made available at the start of series production.

Special logistics systems such as Just-In-Time and Kanban have been introduced at our facilities, are continuously developed and will be a focal point in the future.

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