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A good foundation is the first step for an excellent product.

We see ourselves as a development partner of our customers for product conception, hardware, software and mechanical systems, which takes into account the concerns for a stable and economical series production supply during the development.

Even before placing an order, we ask ourselves the following questions:
  • Do we have the competence for your product idea in the broad field of electronics and mechatronics?
  • Do we have the necessary capacity to ensure your timeline?
  • Does your product fit with our EMS business?

Only if we can answer all three questions with "yes", do we give our promise as your development partner and do our utmost to keep it - from the prototype to the series production to the "End of Life" and beyond. In this context, we ensure through our external development partner network that all technology fields that are necessary for your product can be covered.

As a midsized company with a long tradition of relying on experienced, well-trained engineers, we've also mastered the soft skills: Short distances, quick reactions and decisions, direct information flow and first-class advice. Your benefits: short time-to-market, the functionality you need at low costs and the good feeling of being able to build on a relationship with a reliable partner throughout the life cycle.

Professional workshops:

The most important phase of a project is often the beginning. In a shared workshop, project members get to know your requirements and we work together to prepare the functional specification. From that point on, our project leads maintain close contact with everyone involved, until your product is in your hands.

Hardware design

Together we put your requirements to the test to achieve the best.


A good idea deserves a good layout.


Software design requires the most diverse capabilities to achieve the maximum for our customers. Our software team offers this in a variety of forms.

Housing/Mechanical systems

In addition to developing electronics, we're also happy to work on the design of an appropriate housing and the mechanisms required.

Project management

The key to compliance with service delivery, timeline and budget.


Nearness to the customer isn't a question of distance – it's an attitude.

The KATEK Frickenhausen GmbH, beflex electronic GmbH and KATEK Czech Republic s.r.o.

Internationally oriented. Internationally successful.


Be a member of a strong team!