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Smart Home

Cleverly networked and controlled.

Smart Home, "eHome" or "Smart Living" are generic terms for technical processes and systems in apartments and residential buildings that focus on increasing the quality of living, security and efficient energy use.


The smart home is characterized by both the networking and control of home technology and household appliances (for example, lamps, blinds, heating, but also stove, refrigerator and washing machine), as well as the networking and control of consumer electronics components (such as the central storage and home-wide use of video and audio content).


Since the control center in the smart home is assuming an increasingly important function, the security of data communication must therefore also be considered. For example, an attack on the router allows the entire data traffic of a network to be monitored and potential weak points form opportunities for attack. The development of secure sensor and actuator technology is a core competence of KATEK.


We offer you:
  • Consulting and development
  • Very high quality level "Made in Germany
  • Plastics processing and electronics manufacturing as a one-stop store
  • Completion of complete devices in the field of home and building automation
  • Flexibility in delivery date and quantity
  • Equivalent cost structure to the Asian market
  • Data and information security according to ISO 27001
Application Examples:
  • Alarm Systems
  • Home Applications
  • Powerline Adapters
  • Sensors
  • Smart Metering


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