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Competence in future markets.

Telecommunications has long been a core technology of modern business and society, but it has evolved rapidly in recent years. From corded phones to Internet-enabled smart phones, from routers to communication devices for the "Internet of Things," there is now a wide range of telecommunications equipment.



The transmission of data has become the predominant application for all communication networks and is increasingly permeating the everyday lives of consumers. Even speech is being digitized and converted into a data format for transmission with other forms of communication over the same medium. Companies are facing more and more new challenges with the increasing digitization.


KATEK accompanies you from the beginning to achieve the best possible results in terms of production, price and quality. The telecommunications industry is characterized by innovative spirit and constantly brings forth new technology trends. We offer our customers the opportunity to actively shape the digital future with their products. This is because modern processes and systems increasingly require the exchange of information via wireless networks.


Wie offer you:
  • Consulting and development in all EMS issues
  • Plastics processing and electronics manufacturing as a one-stop store
  • Extensive experience in various radio standards (DECT and HF standards)
  • Highly automated production in the field of SMD assembly and plastic production
  • Flexibility in terms of delivery date and quantity, Leesys produces small quantities as well as small and large batches
  • Equivalent cost structure to the Asian market
  • Very high quality level "Made in Germany
Application Examples:
  • Business Phones
  • Base Stations
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Cloudbox and Cloudconnector


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