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"Time to market" is the decisive success factor for our customers.

Time is money!

That's particularly true if your company wants to establish new and innovative products on a competitive market. beflex, a specialist in demanding prototype design, is the right partner when it comes to fast development cycles for transitioning electronic assemblies and devices quickly and easily into series production.

As an EMS service provider, beflex is a strong partner for comprehensive services for prototypes and small series, covering the complete value creation chain.

Due to its high accessibility, short reaction times, only the most necessary interfaces in the processes and the proximity to our customers, beflex saves you valuable time and ensures a shorter Time-To-Market.

Among others, the following machines are available at three locations:

  • 5 stencil printers (EKRA E1, E2 XL, Series 4000)
  • 3 SPI Paste Inspection Systems (Koh Young KY3020T, KY8020T)
  • 5 Automatic assembly units (Essemtec FLX, Cobra and Puma)
  • Vapour-phase soldering machines (Asscon VP1000-56, VP6000 Vacuum for low-void soldering)
  • 3 OI inspection devices (Quins-easy)
  • 1 3D-AOI (Viscom 3088 ulta)
  • 3 rework systems (Finetech Mircro RS, ERSA PL550A)

In addition, we have numerous other production and analysis systems available. (X-ray, Zeiss and Keyence microscopes)

Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to process the following components and printed circuit boards:

  • Components of the housing shape 01005
  • BGA with pitch 0.3
  • Pin-in-Paste components (THR)
  • LED assembly
  • Flex and rigid flex printed circuit boards
  • Heat sink technology
  • Ceramic substrates
  • Oversized printed circuit boards
  • Frameless and round printed circuit boards

We produce under clean room conditions in humidified and air conditioned production rooms.

Material management

The way to the fastest material procurement, made by beflex.


beflex Production in excellence, made by beflex.


beflex Prototyping in excellence, made by beflex.


End-of-Life Management, made by beflex.

After-sales service

After-Sales-Service in excellence, made by beflex.


Nearness to the customer isn't a question of distance – it's an attitude.


Our agile speedboat network with maximum customer proximity.


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