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Obsolescence Management

Secures the entire life cycle of your products.

Due to a variety of factors, components/materials are sometimes replaced after only 6 months by successors that are not always compatible. In many areas, however, products should be supplied unchanged for as many years as possible. If components of a product or system are no longer available, this is referred to as obsolescence.

We offer:

  • Forecast and cost analysis over the complete life cycle
  • Risk assessment of components
  • Life cycle analyses of parts lists
  • Contracts with manufacturers and suppliers
  • Monitoring of key components
  • Supplier monitoring through audits and review visits
  • Second Source Strategy
  • Inventory management
  • Close coordination with the customer
  • Preference for components with low obsolescence risk
  • Regular OM analysis and report of components

KATEK is a member of COGD. The industry interest group COGD (Component Obsolescence Group Deutschland) e.V. not only enables an exchange of experience with other companies on the subject of obsolescence, but also supports them in the development of strategies, methods and procedures for proactive obsolescence management.